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Alignment Products

With the compact SightMaster™ laser from CSE, you can plot straight, level lines up to 1,000 feet long with laser accuracy. You'll install beltlines, track, roof bolts, and other underground components using a beam of light as your guide.

Locate Beltlines Accurately

Hang SightMaster from two consecutive spads placed in line above the belt edge. Then, by positioning drill steel in the light's beam, the bolter can install additional hangers hundred of feet in advance.

Assure Level, Consistent Clearance

Add the optional bubble level, or plumb the SightMaster, and shoot a leveling line. Speeds track placement and conveyor leveling.

Reduce Spad Frequency

Surveyors can extend the distance between belt spads from the current 50 feet to several hundred feet. One person can mark centers of developing entries in minutes: just install two spads in the proper alignment four feet apart, hang the SightMaster from them, and hold an object vertically against the roof so it breaks the laser beam.

Use the same procedures for quick placement of roof bolts, belt drives, tailpieces and cable hangers.