140B Methane Monitor

140B-LD IR with Remote Calibrator
140B-LD IR with Aux Display
140B-LD Aux Display
140B-LD IR 7LS
140B Power Supply in X/P Housing
140B Detector
140B Detector with Caps
140B Sensor Element Testing
140B Detector Baffle Cap
140B Detector Connector Cap
140B Detector Calibration Cap

140B Methane Monitor

The industry's best performing machine-mounted methane monitor

Tried and trusted, the 140B Methane Monitor has become an essential tool to keep production running, and running safely. The 140B can be mounted on mining machinery such as continuous miners, roof bolters, longwall shearers, or other machinery that may come in contact with methane pockets. 

By shutting down machinery at customizable alarm settings, and restoring machine power once methane concentrations fall below the allowable setpoint, the 140B reduces downtime while keeping your operation safe. 
Superior Reliability
  • Over 30 years of experience with superior performance
  • Designed exclusively for tough mining environments
Repair/Exchange Program
  • In need of a repair? A salesman will bring you a refurbished unit in exchange for your unit to be repaired.  Minimal down time, minimal headache.
Flat Rate Repairs
  • We offer flat rate repairs on all of our 140B components.  This makes costs predictable and leads to fast turnaround times. 
Training and Support
  • Superior training is always available to keep your staff maintaining the system properly, which can lead to less downtime.  
Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured at our facility in Export, PA
  • MSHA (140B): 32A-15/MS
  • MSHA (X/P): X/P-3797-0

Measurement Range
  • Methane: 0 to 5%

Input Power Options
  • 120 volts
  • 240 volts
  • 480 volts
  • 550 volts 

Control Relay Options
  • Electromechanical
  • Solid-State

Alarm Settings
  • Standard
    • Low Alarm: 1.0%
    • High Alarm / Shutdown: 2.0%
  • Custom
    • Low Alarm: 1.0% max
    • High Alarm / Shutdown: 2.0% max

Cable Types
  • Machine Power to 140B Power Supply: 16/7
  • 140B Power Supply to 140B Display: 16/7
  • 140B Display to 140B Detector
    • Under 700 ft.: 16/4
    • Over 700 ft.: 12/4
The 140B Control Unit contains the "brains" of the methane monitor system.  It communicates with the 140B Detector to display methane concentrations on a large, bright, easy-to-read display and sends appropriate relay signals to the power supply when alarm or shutdown thresholds are reached.  An infrared remote calibrator is available to make calibration a quick and easy task.
Product Listing
  • 140B Control Unit: 0151800882
  • 140B LD Control Unit: 0151801342
  • 140B LD Aux Control Unit: 0151801812
  • 140B LD IR Control Unit: 2181010001
  • 140B LD IR Control Unit (with IR Transmitter): 2181030001
  • 140B IR Aux Control Unit: 2181010003
  • 140B IR Aux Control Unit (with IR Transmitter): 2181030003
  • 140B LD Aux Display: 0151803202
  • 140B Dual Readout/Detector Interface: 0151802602
  • 140B LD IR Control Unit, 7LS Longwall: 2181015201
The 140B Detector contains a highly accurate and responsive catalytic bead sensor capable of measuring methane concentrations from 0 - 5%.  It connects directly to the 140B Control Unit.  A baffle cap is also available for preventing dust and water ingress.
Product Listing
  • 140B Detector Assembly (includes connector cap, baffle cap, and calibration cap): 0151800922
  • 140B Replacement Detector (no caps): 0151803282

The 140B Power Supply interfaces directly with machine power and converts it to be used by the 140B Detector and 140B Control Unit. It contains 2 relays, one of which can be tied to a warning signal when methane concentrations are rising (such as a warning run light) and one that shuts down the machinery when the allowable methane concentration threshold is reached. The 140B Power Supply Chassis is housed in an explosion proof box to maintain the highest degree of safety. 
Product Listing
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 120 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151800982M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 120 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151800982S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 240 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151800992M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 240 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151800992S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 480 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801002M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 480 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801002S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 550 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801012M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis, 550 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801012S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 120 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801062M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 120 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801062S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 240 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801072M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 240 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801072S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 480 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801082M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 480 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801082S
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 550 VAC, Mechanical Relay: 0151801092M
  • 140B Power Supply Chassis in X/P Enclosure, 550 VAC, Solid-State Relay: 0151801092S

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  • 140B IR Transmitter, Remote Calibrator: 2181014001
  • Battery, 140B IR Transmitter: 5344080001
  • Weld Bar Kit, X/P Enclosure (mounting hardware included): 0151803142
  • Weld Bar Kit, 140B Detector (mounting hardware included): 0151803082
  • Weld Bar Kit, 140B Control Unit (mounting hardware included): 0151803002
  • Feed-Thru Kit, 140B Detector Cable: 0151803042
  • Feed-Thru Kit, 140B Control Unit Cable: 0151803052
  • Baffle Cap, 140B Detector: 0151800902
  • Connector Cap, 140B Detector: 0151803072
  • Splice Kit, 140B Armored Cable. 1" x 6" with 2 caps: 0151801472
  • Disconnect Junction, 140B Dectector Cable, 1" x 6" with 1 cap: 0151803172
  • Gland Packing Kit, 1/2": 0151805032
  • Gland Packing Kit, 3/4": 0151805012
  • Fuse, 1/2 Amp: 0003301535
  • Run Light Cable with Gland Kit, 25 ft.: 0151804112

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