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Flare-XM-1 Cap Lamp
Flare-XM-1 Cap Lamp
Flare-XM-1 Cap Lamp Desktop Charger
Flare-XM-1 Cap Lamp


Lightweight, powerful, intrinsically safe, and MSHA approved

P/N: DMX15000MX214
Designed for industrial and confined space environments where intrinsic safety is required, the Flare-XM-1 delivers a powerful 4500 lux in a rugged yet lightweight package. Powered with the latest Lithium battery technology, this Flare-XM-1 offers a runtime of 14 hours on high power, or 36 hours on low power, and is ideal for those who work uo to a 12 hour shift. Both shock resistant and water resistant up to 3 feet, the Flare-XM-1 is specifically designed and manufactured to take on the harshest environments.  The Flare-XM-1 has become a preferred choice by those who work underground
  • MSHA Approved for intrinsic safety
  • Cordless
  • Shock and water resistant
  • Average run time of 14 hours*
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Powerful light at 4500 lux 
  • Industry leading 2-year warranty
  • Pivoting hard hat clip
  • Radio frequency immune
  • MSHA: 19-A100002-0
Bulb Type
  • LED
Max Light Output (Lux)
  • 4500 Lux at 1 meter
Brightness Levels
  • Two (2)
Average Run Time
  • High:14 hours
  • Low: 36 hours
  • Yes
  • 4.6oz

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  • Flare single unit charger: DXE15000XE254
  • Flare 8-unit charger: DXE15000XE324
  • Flare 35-unit charger: DXE15000XE264
  • Flare single unit vehicle charger: DXE15000XE294
  • Bezel & Lens: DXE15000XE284
  • Flare Hard hat clip: DXE15000XE304
  • Replacement Charger Housing: DXE15000XE314
  • Switch boot Replacement Kit: DXE15000XE344
  • Power Supply- 35 unit charger: DXE15000XE414
  • AC Socket & Fused switch: DXE15000XE424

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