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SR-T Training


15-minute expectation trainer for all CSE SCSR's

P/N: Q152501001
The SR-T is a 15-minute expectation training device for all CSE SCSRs. It will help trainees get used to the breathing resistance and heat they would feel when using a real SCSR. The SR-T provides a realistic experience by producing oxygen the same way a CSE SCSR would, and it allows trainees to move and practice in simulated exercises. It also provides an opportunity to practice the Manual Start procedure. Over 96% of training participants who were surveyed said the SR-T provided a positive training experience.
Realistic Training
  • Produces oxygen just like a real SCSR
  • Trainees can perform exercises in simulated training scenarios with the SR-T
  • Practices the manual-start procedure
  • Provides valuable hands-on training over 15 minutes
Meets MSHA and other training criteria
  • The SR-T is an expectation training device, which produces oxygen (Australia criteria)
  • Complies with annual expectation training requirement
Training made easy
  • Supported with easy to follow instructions
  • CSE team is available to provide training
Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured at our facility in Export, PA
Supports Training On
  • SR2000
  • SRLD
  • ASR
  • SR100A
Training Type
  • Expectation training
  • Produces heat and breathing resistance
Training Duration
  • 15 minutes

Training Instructions

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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  • SR-T Replacement Canister: Q152502001
  • Training Equip. Disinfectant, 1 Gal: 91000FG350

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