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PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer
PMA-2008 Pocket Mining Anemometer with Case

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Pocket mining anemometer

P/N: MPS1700014
The PMA-2008 is a digital and intrinsically safe anemometer perfect for taking quick ventilation readings underground.  It is battery powered and small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, making it extremely convenient to carry and use.  It comes with its own carrying case, and is constructed to be dustproof, waterproof, and drop resistant. 
Simple Two-Push Button Control
Rubber-covered push buttons on the PMA-2008 allow you to switch between two modes, and start and stop readings. An instantaneous, feet-per-minute readout can be selected, or a timed 60-second count of feet-of-air. The PMA-2008 Anemometer can also be user programmed to read in metric.
Automatic 60 Second Counting Mode
The PMA-2008 includes a 60-second count of feet-of-air. Simply walk the PMA-2008 across the entry and it automatically stops counting feet-of-air after 60 seconds. The count can be stopped for a partial reading. An audible alarm informs you when the count starts, stops and at 15-second intervals.
Quick Spot Check Mode
With the PMA-2008 in the instantaneous feet-per-minute mode, you can check air speeds behind line curtains, on longwall faces, over conveyor belts, anywhere you need to verify airflow.
Dustproof and Waterproof
The PMA-2008 will hold up in the mining environment. The unit can be submerged in water and, if dropped into a puddle or sump, will float.

No Calibration Needed
There are no adjustments or calibration required with the PMA-2008. Accuracy of the readings is dependent on a user replaceable impeller. After approximately 6 months of use, the impeller assembly is slid out of the PMA-2008 housing and a new one is inserted in seconds. This assures precise readings with the PMA-2008.
Case Included
Every PMA-2008 Pocket Anemometer comes with its own storage case and braided lanyard.
  • MSHA: 18-A070014-0
  • Operating Modes: Moving 3-second average speed mode and timed, 60-second linear feet or meters mode.
  • Units: Speed mode; feet per minute (fpm), meters per second [m/s]. Linear feet mode; feet (ft), meters [m]
  • On-Axis Accuracy: greater of ± 3% of reading or ± least significant digit
  • Off-Axis Response: -1% @ 5°, 2% @ 10°, -3% @ 15°
  • Calibration Drift: <1% after 100 hours use at 1400 fpm [9.5 m/s]
  • Minimum Speed: 60 fpm, [0.4 m/s]
  • Maximum Speed: 9999 fpm, [9999 m/s], display limit
  • Type: Reflective, 4 digit, 0.36 in. [9 mm] digit height.
  • Resolution and Range: Speed Mode; resolution 1 feet per minute. (fpm), 1 meter per second [m/s], range of 9999 feet per minute (fpm), meters per second [m/s]. Linear Feet Mode; resolution 1 foot (ft), meter [m], range 9999 feet (ft), meters [m].
  • Update: 1 second
  • Sealing: Electronics enclosure IP67- water resistant to 3 ft. [1 m]. Floats
  • Shock: Drop tested to 6 ft. [2 m].
  • Operating Temperature: LCD and batteries, 0° F. to 130° F. [-18° C to 55° C]. Readings may be taken beyond these temperatures by exposing unit for minimum time necessary to take and record measurement.
  • Storage Temperature: Recommended -22° F to 140° F [-30° c to 60° C].

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