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About CSE Corporation

CSE CorporationCSE Corporation designs, develops, and manufactures world-class safety products for underground mining and a wide variety of other industrial applications. 

Our main product lines consist of:
  • Escape Breathing Apparatus, also known as SCSRs (self-contained self-rescuers), designed to be carried or stored for use in an emergency
  • Gas detection devices for measuring and monitoring a wide variety of atmospheric contaminants. 
  • Surveillance products for monitoring assets in remote or off-the-grid locations. 
CSE designs and manufactures its products at its U.S. based facility, located in the town of Export, Pennsylvania. 
Guided by four imperatives – our Customers, our Employees, our Vendors, and our Communities – CSE Corporation is dedicated to the enrichment of worker lives through the manufacture and distribution of health / safety products for miners and non-mine companies.
CSE Corporation is committed to achieving our mission based on the guiding principles of honesty, trust, integrity, respect, positive communication and quality leadership.

To our Customers, we are committed to promoting your workplace safety and will endeavor to earn and maintain your confidence and loyalty. We will respond to your business needs in a dependable and effective manner to ensure your present and future safety needs are consistently met with innovative technology and product support.

To our Employees, we are dedicated to creating a culture of safety that is productive, financially secure, challenging and professional. We will strive to provide the technology, equipment and training to develop workforce skills that ensure product innovation and consistent, dependable service to our customers.

To our Vendors, we will focus on the creation of stable business relationships that are mutually beneficial and cost effective, guided by cooperation, honesty and integrity.

To our Communities, we pledge to be good corporate citizens, respect the environment, and be aware of our responsibility to protect and contribute to the larger community through the rational and compassionate use of our human and financial resources.

Employee Focused

CSE is more than just owners, supervisors, and employees – it’s a family.

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