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SR-D Training
SR-D Training


Donning trainer for the SRLD, ASR, and SR100A

Q152090006: SR-D
Q152090576: SR-D(A)
Q155005005000: SR-D (ASR)
The SR-D will help provide trainees with hands-on training and gain experience in opening, donning, and using our SCSRs. It can be used in training for the SRLD, ASR, or SR100A. The SR-D includes features such as an opening mechanism, mouthpiece and nose clamp to simulate the experience of using an SCSR.  The SR-D is not an expectation trainer and does not simulate the warmth and breathing resistance that an SCSR may have near the end of its operating duration. 
Realistic Donning
  • Trainees become familar with donning the SRLD, ASR, or SR100A
  • Allows trainees to perform hands-on training until proficient at donning
  • Trainee can feel the fit of the breathing hose, mouthpiece, nose clamp, and protective goggles
  • Durable construction means the SR-D will hold up to many training events
  • Components can quickly be dismantled for disinfecting with available cleaner
CSE Support
  • As with all CSE training products, the SR-D is supported by easy to follow instructions and the full support of the CSE team
Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured at our facility in Export, PA
Supports Training On
  • SRLD
  • ASR
  • SR100A
Training Type
  • Donning training 
  • Not an expectation trainer (no heat or oxygen produced)

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  • Goggles: Q153003001069
  • Breathing Hose (SR-D/SR-D A): Q152090546
  • Breathing Hose (SR-D, ASR): Q155005005001
  • Neck Strap Assembly: Q152060106001
  • SRLD Donning Label: Q152000123001
  • Snapper Clamp, Breathing Hose: Q152090306

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