CSE Certified Repair

CSE Certified Repair - 102LD Methanometer
CSE Certified Repair - 140B Power Supply

CSE Certified Repair

In-house repair services for electronics products

CSE offers fast and comprehensive repair services for a majority of its electronics products.  Most products can be repaired for a flat rate charge, allowing for predictable costs and quick turnaround.  Take advantage of our repair/exchange program, for select products, which offers a replacement on the spot to minimize downtime.

NOTE: CSE is the only company authorized to provide repair services on its products.  CSE does not contract with any other third-party repair centers.  Repairs by other parties can put an operation at unnecessary risk, as the products are certified by MSHA to meet performance and safety standards.
CSE Certified

All of our repair items are returned to the customer with a CSE Certified Repair tag and initialed by our technician who performed the repair. When you see this tag, you can have confidence that the product was repaired by CSE and will meet the safety and performance standards that you expect and require.

Flat Rate Repairs

Most of our products can be repaired for an easy flat rate. By eliminating itemized estimates we can reduce the normal back and forth it takes to get repair estimates approved. This means you can get your equipment back quicker and without surprise costs that you can't plan for.

102/102LD Methanometer Repair
102 Methanometer Repair- REL0000000002
102LD Methanometer Repair - REL0000000003
111 Charger Repair - REL0000000026
140B Detector Repair
 140B Detector Repair - REL0000000015
140B Control Unit Repair
140B LD IR Control Unit Repair - REL0000000009
140B LD IR AUX Control Unit Repair - REL0000000010
140B LD IR Control Unit, 7LS Longwall Repair - REL0000000013
140B LD Control Unit Repair - REL0000000016
140B Control Unit Repair - REL0000000017
140B LD AUX Display Repair - REL0000000036
140B LD AUX Control Unit Repair - REL0000000037
140B Dual Readout/Detector Interface Repair - REL0000000039
140B Power Supply Repair
X/P Enclosure Repair (includes 2 Power Control Cables) - REL0000000008
140B Power Supply Chassis Repair - REL0000000014
140B Accessory Repair
140B IR Transmitter Repair - REL0000000011
140B Detector Cable Cable Disconnect Junction Repair - REL0000000038
G4 Multi Gas Monitor Repair
G4 Multi Gas Monitor Repair - REL0000000044
G4 Milti Charger Repair - REL0000000046
G4 Calibration Station Repair - REL0000000047
ASMD Repair
ASMD Repair - REL0000000004
ASMD Spot Checker Repair - REL0000000005
Anemometer Repair
MPS Digital Anemometer Repair - REL0000000029
Davis Anemometer Repair - VR00000000043
Cap Lamp Repair
Xerebrus Flare 35 Unit Charger Repair - REL0000000045
SCSR Disposal - RLS0000000007


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