SCSR Pouches

SR2000 Standard Pouch
SR2000 Horizontal Pouch
SRLD/ASR Standard Pouch
SRLD/ASR Horizontal Pouch
SRLD/ASR Padded Pouch

SCSR Pouches

A perfect fit for carrying CSE SCSRs

CSE's heavy-duty SCSR pouches are designed specifically for its suite of available escape breathing apparatus.  They allow for easy inspection and are guaranteed not to shrink when exposed to moisture.  Bright orange color and reflective strips add additional visibility.
Guaranteed Compatibility
  • Pouches are designed to fit and safely carry the SR2000, SRLD, and ASR
  • Designed for use in rugged environments
Made in the USA
  • Designed and manufactured at our facility in Export, PA

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SRLD Pouches
  • Standard: Q152000145001
  • Horizontal: Q152000145002
ASR Pouches
  • Standard: Q155005001003
  • Horizontal: Q155005001004
SR2000 Pouches
  • Standard: Q153003001120
  • Horizontal: Q153003001121
  • Cache Removal Loop: Q153003001123
Padded Pouches
  • SRLD/ASR, Padded with Belt Loop: X151590068
  • SRLD/ASR, Padded with Shoulder Strap: X151590078
  • SRLD/ASR, Padded with Backpack Straps: X151590088
  • SR2000, Padded with Shoulder Strap (removable): Q153003001122

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